Options Charter High School: Putting Students on the Right Path in Noblesville

Options Charter High School in Noblesville, Indiana is a publicly funded Indianapolis school aimed at helping at-risk students turn their Indianapolis education around. Options Charter High School offers students and parents a change from the traditional Indianapolis public school system structure. Teachers are highly qualified and work hard to develop individual relationships with each student. Students who graduate from Options Charter High School in Noblesville are well-rounded, responsible, skilled, caring citizens of the United States and the world.

Options Charter High School in Noblesville is a sister school to the original Options Charter School in Carmel, Indiana. The original Options school was a “conversion” charter school in the Carmel Clay Schools Matrix Alternative School program. However, in 2002, the school’s leadership decided to turn over sponsorship of the school and convert it into a charter school for at risk Indianapolis children. Under their new system of organization, Options Charter High School provided a small, safe environment for students who struggle in traditional classes to learn in.

Two years later, Ball State University agreed to take charge of Options Charter High School. Under Ball State University’s sponsorship, Options Charter High School began to expand at a rapid rate. The school capped its enrollment at a mere 130 students, causing the wait list to grow exponentially. It soon became apparent that another school was needed to fill the needs of both the Carmel community and Noblesville community.

In 2006, Ball State University opened the doors on its second Options Charter High School, in Noblesville. Students at the Noblesville Options Charter High School enjoy small classes and personalized attention. Though these students must fulfill the same graduation requirements for all Indiana students, additional expectations are also placed on them. Each student is required to participate in community service, internships, and service learning projects to gain hands-on experience as part of their Indianapolis education.

Though most students first come to this Noblesville school facing academic failure, more than half of the school’s graduates go onto post-secondary education or training at colleges and universities in Indiana. Through a combination of selective staffing and enrollment, students at Options Charter High School in Noblesville have an edge in the real world.

In a seven class period day, Options Charter High School students attend academic and elective classes. Forty minute long periods help students to focus while in instruction. With the opportunity to take advanced level classes or work at their own pace, students find that education can be extremely rewarding. Though course work is traditional in content, teaching methodologies and assessment are not. Students are involved in planning their own learning strategies and are exposed to hands on learning techniques.

As a publicly funded charter high school, there are no additional costs to parents with enrolled children. Enrollment is open to all Hoosier kids. An enrollment lottery is held each April. For more information about Options Charter High School in Noblesville, visit their website.

Options Charter School in Noblesville
9945 Cumberland Pointe Blvd
Noblesville, IN 46060