Noblesville People: Infamous, Famous, and Soon to Be Famous

For one of the largest and most prosperous suburbs of Indiana state capital Indianapolis, Noblesville, Indiana doesn’t have as many famous residents as you might expect. In recent years, however, the city has seen an influx of star power, thanks to its increasing reputation as one of the best places to live in the United States. Notable Noblesville residents stretch back to the early 19th century and include just as many infamous residents as it does famous ones.

For example, before his rise to anti-Christlike stardom in murder and mayhem, Charles Manson once spent a short stint in the Noblesville jail for car theft, though that doesn’t exactly qualify him as a resident of the town. And, while unsubstantiated, a legend of Noblesville history holds that the Midwest’s star bank robber/murderer John Dillinger also passed some time in the Noblesville lockup.

Though these two men merely passed through Noblesville, there were other historical villains that lived or were born in Noblesville. William Dudley Pelley is perhaps one of the most famous American Fascists, a Hitler sympathizer who founded the Silver Legion, a Nazi like extremist political party that espoused antisemitism, racism, and extreme patriotism. Also, from 1910 through the 1930’s the infamous Ku Klux Klan was quite active in Noblesville, leaving a permanent stain on its history. Led by one of Noblesville’s most infamous residents, Grand Dragon D.C. Stephenson, the KKK held sway in Central Indiana for quite a while during the early 20th century. To the city’s credit, evidence of its KKK roots that surfaced recently was not submerged, but rather donated to the local Hamilton County Historical Society.

But for all the scum and villainy that was committed by a few Noblesville residents, much good has also been accomplished by other notable Noblesville people. For instance, prolific mystery novelist Rex Stout lived in Noblesville, as does country musician Steve Wariner and Barney Stone, whose tale of slavery, war, and love has taken on mythic proportions in the Noblesville community. A number of rising athletes also call Noblesville home, probably due to its proximity to Indy, including LPGA golfer Ashley Prange, Olympic diver David Boudia, and USAC racer Bryan Clauson.

To read in more detail about the famous people of Noblesville, take a look at the chart of famous Noblesville residents below.

Famous People of Noblesville

David Boudia – One of the youngest famous Noblesville residents is David Boudia, a 21 year old Olympic diver originally from Texas. Despite his relatively young age, David Boudia has already made an impact in the international diving community as a member of the 2008 U.S. Olympic Team.
Bryan Clauson – Joining the ranks of young athletes from Noblesville, Indiana is USAC race car driver Bryan Clauson, a 21 year old native Californian who now resides in the Indianapolis suburb of Noblesville. Born in June of 1989, the 21 year old driver got his start in racing early, just two days after his sixteenth birthday.
John Ditslear, Mayor – Noblesville’s current mayor is now finishing up his second term of service. He announced in December of 2010 that he will seek a third term in the office.
William Dudley Pelley – One of the most famous residents of Noblesville, Indiana is one that locals would probably rather forget. William Dudley Pelley was an American fascist, a Christian extremist who believed the Jews were trying to “conquer the world,” the founder of a national Nazi-like political party during the Great Depression, and self proclaimed harbinger of the spiritual transformation of America.
Ashley Prange – There’s at least one links pro who resides in Noblesville, Indiana: Ashley Prange, reality show star, former LPGA professional, and no stranger to a fast green. The winner of the Golf Channel reality show The Big Break V: Hawaii, Prange is a fixture in the Duramed FUTURES Tour and made an appearance in the LPGA.
The Ku Klux Klan’s Grand Dragon D. C. Stephenson spent time in the same jail where Charles Manson was later locked up for his brief stay. Stephenson’s trial and subsequent conviction became so high-profile, and his crime was so noxious, that some 140,000 members of the Klan changed their minds, dropped their membership, and melted into a less objectionable society.
Barney Stone – Barney Stone led an exemplary life, teaching black children to read, preaching to various congregations, and farming, marrying and fathering five children. In a story of perseverance and courage, the former slave ran away from his plantation at the outbreak of the Civil War to join the Union Army and fight for his freedom.
Rex Stout – Rex Stout is arguably one of the most famous crime writers in the history of United States literature. He is the creator of Nero Wolfe, genius hero of the fictional detective novels. Born in Noblesville, Rex Stout did a stint as president of Mystery Writers of America, as well as president of the Authors’ Guild.
Steve Wariner – Steve Wariner, born in 1954 in Noblesville, Indiana, is a country western singer, guitarist and songwriter. A prolific and popular songwriter and performer, Steve Wariner is an important member of the Noblesville music scene and has recorded some three dozen hit singles, seven of which soared to number one.

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