Noblesville, Indiana

Downtown Noblesville

Downtown Noblesville is one of the town’s hubs of action all year long. Main Street Noblesville boasts a beautiful Courthouse Square lined with charming shops and fun places to eat. And the Hamilton County Courthouse is a magnificent and historic sight to behold in and of itself.

Worthy of a visit just for its architecture, it also contains the Hamilton County Historical Society Museum of History, erstwhile locale of the Old Hamilton County Jail and Sheriff’s Residence, where John Dillinger and Charles Manson once reportedly had brief stays.

Noblesville is the county seat of Hamilton County, and one of the fastest growing communities in the nation, with a current population count of over 40,000. It covers 19.1 square miles of space, which includes several waterways. One of the largest suburbs of Indianapolis, Noblesville, Indiana is only about ten miles due north of metropolitan Indy. Other remarkably fast-growing towns nearby are Carmel, Westfield and Fishers.

Art in Noblesville

Culture rocks in Noblesville, Indiana, one of the fastest-growing communities in the United States today. Noblesville arts are represented by a plethora of dance and music studios, and art galleries such as the Originals Art Gallery, White River Gallery, Anthony J. Padgett Gallery and The Artist’s Vineyard. Noblesville also is home to unique offerings such as the internationally-famous Bundy Duck Decoys, true folk art in the form of duck decoys hand-made by a local family.

Fine art is well-represented in Noblesville. Randall Scott Harden is a consummate painter who makes his home and studio there. The Anthony J. Padgetta Gallery features photo-realistic work by the owner. And the White River Studio exhibits acrylics, watercolors, sculptures and prints.

The Belfry Theatre is a local, all-volunteer community theater group that presents full-length plays six times a year. This dedicated group of thespians draws audiences locally and from all the nearby towns as well, including Carmel, Fishers and Indianapolis.

Noblesville Attractions

Inside Forest Park, visitors will come upon attractions to keep them busy for days. One of the major must-see’s is the Indiana Transportation Museum, which houses, restores and maintains authentic locomotives that also make short excursion trips to nearby towns, such as Fishers, Indiana.

Part of the charm of Noblesville, Indiana is that the whole town is chock full of Noblesville historic places to visit and soak up the wonderful pioneer heritage that made Central Indiana the strong, distinctive place it is. Just one such attraction out of many is the Conner Street Historic District, located between 17th and 10th Streets.

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Noblesville has no need at all to depend on nearby Indianapolis nightlife, though residents will admit that it’s nice to have the big city so close at hand. The fact is, though, that Noblesville bars attract more than their fair share of visitors from other cities in Indiana, including Naptown.

With nightspots like Syd’s Bar in downtown Noblesville, the town remains lively till the wee hours. Barley Island Brewing Co and Mo’s Irish Pub have tons of flat-screened TVs for their guests to enjoy, along with games, good food and drinks, and both bars are deservedly labeled party places for the hungry and thirsty Hoosier.

Noblesville Children

What a place to grow up! The children of Noblesville are raised in the heart of the nation and the heart of Indiana, surrounded by love, fun, learning and the grand pioneer spirit that spawned them. Schools, parks, malls and so much more seem to have been created specifically with Noblesville children in mind. Organizations and facilities such as the Forest Park Aquatic Center and the Boys and Girls Club keep young Hoosiers in Noblesville young, and facilities such as the venerable Indiana Transportation Museum keep them coming home all through their lives.

Events in Noblesville

Special and ongoing events keep the fast-growing Noblesville populace on its toes. One of the family favorites, that brings everybody out from miles around, is the annual Hamilton 4-H Fair County. This great happening occurs over five days in the height of summer and offers everything from 4-H competitions to the popular Annual Antique Arms Show.

Holiday events are also well-attended in Noblesville, such as the upcoming “Mardi Gras Mambo,” with its showy, multi-cultural celebration at the Town Square.

Noblesville Health

Residents of Noblesville rarely have any need to drive to nearby Indianapolis for healthcare. Right inside the town limits, there are dozens of health professionals in various locales. Of course, if necessary, there are many other top-notch hospitals and specialists just next door in the big city.

Noblesville History

Since its formal inception in 1823 and its original platting by Josiah Polk and the now-famous William Conner, Noblesville has assumed a noble position indeed in Central Indiana. The town took off on a run, and it was less than a generation before it was named Hamilton County’s county seat.

During the late 1800’s, Noblesville experienced a period of growth, surpassed only by the stunning growth it has seen in the past decade. At that time, the reason was the natural gas that had been discovered and harnessed in the area. The town’s present growth is due to a number of reasons, not least of which is the great spirit of its residents and their wonderful heritage.

Noblesville Hotels

Noblesville hotels are a varied collection of comfortable, high- and moderate-quality inns. Some of the finest Indiana hotels are represented in this up-and-coming community, from Marriott’s lovely Fairfield Inn and Suites Hotel to the spacious Cambria Suites and Quality Inn Suites hotels. You can also choose a quiet bed and breakfast or the economical Noblesville Super 8, among others.

Noblesville Media

On top of the many television stations and the nearly 100 radio stations close enough to service Noblesville, the town makes its own media magic right inside the community. Local radio stations include WGLD, WGRL and WHME, all FM stations. Lesea Broadcasting Corporation runs a Christian television broadcast in Noblesville. And there are two respected newspapers serving the community’s print media needs locally, The Noblesville Ledger and The Noblesville Daily Times.

Noblesville Nightlife

Noblesville offers more and more excitement for those residents looking to unwind and have fun after the sun goes down. The Verizon Wireless Music Center in Noblesville offers big name concerts in their enormous pavilion, which seats up to 24,000.

The Artist’s Vineyard is a perennial favorite with locals and non-locals alike, offering live music, wine tasting, a specialty restaurant, special events and rotating art in Noblesville.

The Noblesville Emporium and the people-magnet, Hamilton Town Center, also offer tons of places to go after dark, as do the dozens of fine restaurants and bistros all around this upscale town. Art in Noblesville is also alive and well, and Noblesville cultural offerings are rounded out by the Belfry Theatre, an excellent community theater group which produces six full-scale stage plays per year.

Famous People of Noblesville

Among the famous and infamous people who spent some time in Noblesville are names that are still cited in the annals of American history. Chief among them is the name of D.C. Stephenson, Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan and now-exposed notorious madman. The list of infamous people from Noblesville also includes William Dudley Pelley, who was convicted of high treason and sedition, though he later redeemed his reputation by becoming a writer and publisher. Other, less famous people of Noblesville are good guys, as opposed to bad guys. Rex Stout, the famous crime writer and creator of detective Nero Wolfe, is one of the good ones.

Noblesville Parks

Although full of the beauty that only nature can impart, Forest Park is more a community amusement center than anything else. Within 150 acres, visitors will find an Olympic pool, a new Climbing Wall, a “Splash Pad,” the great Indiana Transportation Museum (a local museum that maintains authentic locomotives for short excursions),a carousel and much, much more. Other fine parks maintained by the city are: Morse Beach, Potter’s Bridge, Seminary Park, Southside Park and Strawtown Park.

Real Estate in Noblesville Indiana

The town of Noblesville is aptly named, and it is growing more noble by the day. With a recorded 500% population growth rate, Noblesville has proven itself to be a community well able to welcome newcomers with open arms.

Click to view any of the listings or choose a different price range to view Noblesville homes for sale in that price rangeReal estate in this seat of Hamilton County runs the gamut of pricey to priceless. Those relocating to Noblesville will be thrilled to find historic buildings all over town, an excellent school system and well-defined neighborhoods galore.

Restaurants in Noblesville

Central Indiana can boast a great collection of distinct restaurants, and Noblesville, one of the fastest-growing, most energetic towns in the state, is no exception. From pizza to paneras, restaurants in Noblesville have it all and everything in between.

Schools in Noblesville

Whether a family wants a public or private, parochial or alternative school for their kids, the Noblesville school system has them well-covered. Pre-school through high school education is available to all right inside the city. Then of course, there are all types of higher learning academies only a short drive away in Indy.

Shopping in Noblesville

Historic Noblesville offers a huge span of shopping options for the dedicated shopper. From the quaint and unique shops lining Old Town’s Town Square, to the enormously popular Hamilton Town Center Mall, Noblesville is a community that offers serious shopping for every possible yearning.

As if that weren’t enough to quench the thirst of any treasure-hunter, there is also the Noblesville Emporium, with some 225 specialty shops, stores and restaurants.

Sports and Recreation in Noblesville

The Noblesville Boys and Girls Club is one of the busiest places in the community for youth activities. Their Conner Street center is a large, historic facility housing a Teen Center, a summer program, an “under twelve” program and two full gymnasiums. Their Community Center offers ball courts too, complete with scoreboards.

The Forest Park Aquatic Center is a real community magnet for sports and recreation. It contains a new Olympic-sized pool, a new climbing wall, a new Splash Pad and geysers galore, and attracts everybody from toddlers just learning how to swim to serious divers.

Things to Do in Noblesville

Along with dozens of top-notch restaurants, a community center in the park and a big shopping mall, Noblesville offers lots of interesting things to do.

You could take in a musical at The Belfry Theater, go to a wine tasting and check out the art exhibition at The Artist’s Vineyard, wander the historic downtown district and visit the museum there, or hop on one of the locomotive excursions at the famous Indiana Transportation Museum.

Got kids? Take them over to Forest Park’s community center. By the time you get them home again, they’ll be all played out.

Noblesville is an electric, upscale town just full of attractions. And if any resident ever wants something different, the great metropolis of Indianapolis is only a few miles away.

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