Noblesville History: A Shared Pioneer Heritage

Noblesville history, like most of the towns in the Midwest, began with its inception in what is now downtown Noblesville. In 1818, the United States government purchased a plot of land in Central Indiana from the Delaware Indians that were living there; the plot was destined to become the town of Noblesville. When the town was first laid out, by Josiah Polk and William Conner (whose wife, interestingly, was a Delaware Indian), it was 1823. Within a year, Noblesville, Indiana was declared the County Seat of Hamilton County. By 1851, the town of Noblesville was officially incorporated.

Founder William Conner has been immortalized in the vastly popular living historical museum in Fishers, Indiana called Conner Prairie. This is a large parcel of land, once owned by the Conner family, that has been meticulously restored to its pioneer state and opened to the public. Visitors get to see, in detail, all facets of Midwest America life in the 1800′, and even talk to employees in period costumes; it’s as if the visitors have traveled back in time to a real working farm on the prairie.

Doing Indy video about Conner Prairie; Conner Prairie is named after William Conner, one of the founders of Noblesville, Indiana

In 1888, natural gas was discovered inside Noblesville. Industry came from far and wide to take advantage of this new Noblesville business, and the downtown commercial district was born. During this period of enormous prosperity in Noblesville history, many beautiful Victorian homes were erected, mostly in what is now called the Downtown Courthouse Square. Best known among the structures of that neighborhood are the beautiful Hamilton County Courthouse and the Hamilton County sheriff’s residence and jail, both built in 1876. Today, the latter building has been restored by the Hamilton County Historical Society, who have created from it the Hamilton County Museum of History.

The Hamilton County Historical Society is an Indianapolis non-profit organization whose goal it is to preserve and promote the rich heritage of Hamilton County, Indiana. As a suburb of Indianapolis, the community of Noblesville understandably seeks to maintain its individuality as a city in its own right.

The city of Noblesville has faithfully helped to maintain its architectural treasures and promote the modern Noblesville attractions located at the Courthouse Square, as well as preserving and maintaining the many historic places in Noblesville. A flavor of erstwhile innocence from a slower era still permeates the atmosphere of downtown Noblesville, a living depiction of Noblesville history.