Noblesville High School: Top Education, North Indianapolis

Noblesville High School of Noblesville, Indiana, is a top Indianapolis public school with a reputation for helping students succeed in a supportive community. The singular goal held by each member of the faculty and staff at Noblesville High School is to prepare students for life after high school. Because of this, the people of Noblesville High School and the Noblesville community are constantly reassessing their methods to maximize student experience.

Video: Noblesville High School Winter Percussion performance, Indianapolis, Indiana

143 certified staff members at Noblesville High School are knowledgeable at implementing technology in their individual curriculums. Students at this Noblesville school learn cutting edge technology as soon as it is released, keeping them current on the how to of the digital age. In addition to the 800 computers available for use at Noblesville High School, their campus facilities are top notch. Their classrooms were designed to hold intimate classes so each child receives personal attention.

They have large group instruction facilities, such as their 950 seat auditorium and a spacious library. Their campus also contains an auditorium, a diving well, 4,400 seat gymnasium, and  performing arts suite complete with dance studios and distance learning rooms. In each of these spaces, students find a niche as they become involved in a plethora of extra-curricular activities.

Video of students performing live music at Noblesville High School in Noblesville, Indiana

With activities to choose from like working on the Literary Magazine, competing in the Academic Super Bowl, playing with the Improv Team or even pleading your case in a mock trial, the options seem limitless for students of Noblesville High School. In addition, the school has Fall, Winter and Spring sports to keep students engaged in school spirit and physically active. As a proud member of the Indiana High School Athletic Association and the Hoosier Crossroads Conference, Noblesville High School stands with the best of the best in Indianapolis.

Its not hard to see the results of the hard work from students and teachers. Noblesville High School boasts an 84 percent placement rate for students in four year degree programs after receiving their diploma. With some of the highest passing rates on standardized tests like the I-STEP, their program ranks among the top Indiana education programs.

The secret to the success of Noblesville High School is revealed through their mission statement: “Noblesville High School promotes a culture of high academic achievement, social responsibility, and personal growth.” Their core values explain their reputation for achievement even further:

  • All individuals have equal value.
  • People should treat others with dignity and respect.
  • People are responsible for the choices they make.
  • Learning is important and all people can learn.
Video highlights of a basketball game between Noblesville High School and Zionsville High School



Students of Noblesville High School have gone on to become some of the most notable people in Indianapolis. This high school north of Indianapolis downtown is producing future leaders in Indianapolis business, Indianapolis media, and Indianapolis art. These Indianapolis kids have been taught that the sky is the limit, and they are certainly aiming for the stars.

For more information about Noblesville High School, visit their website. To learn how your family can be part of the community in Noblesville and at Noblesville High School, check out Indianapolis real estate listings or This community is certainly an important part of the Indianapolis metro area and a feather in the cap of Indianapolis.

Noblesville High School
18111 Cumberland Rd
Noblesville, IN 46060