Business in Noblesville, Indiana

Noblesville business is considered one of the most prosperous business and industry sectors in Midwest America, indeed, perhaps in the entire United States. Hamilton County, of which Noblesville, Indiana is the County Seat, holds rank number 16 in the nation’s 2006 ranking of most affluent communities, and is the 18th fastest-growing to boot.

City planners have long had in place a forward-looking process that aids business owners in development as well as the various necessary city approvals. They have also prospected aggressively for business and industry to draw to their community, with a great deal of success.

As a suburb of Indianapolis, the great metropolis and capital of Indiana, Noblesville (and the other Indy suburbs around it, such as Westfield, Pendleton, Carmel, Fishers, Lawrence and Zionsville) found itself in the middle of a period of heavy growth in residents, many of whom were commuting to Indianapolis for work and play. By the turn of the millennium, Noblesville was faced with a choice of allowing its city to remain a “bedroom community,” with too many residents and not enough businesses to take care of them, or to develop a plan to secure the city’s economic health for the future.

City planners took the matter in hand, and today Noblesville business and industry are flourishing along with the population. The Noblesville Corporate Campus was created, a 3,600-acre facility built to attract and encourage business to the city, with an end goal of self-sufficiency as a community. The Corporate Campus, finished by late 2007, has had great success and serves as a model for similar communities around the country.

A video tour of the Hamilton Town Center in Noblesville, Indiana

Another recent coup for Noblesville business was the construction in May of 2008 of a Simon Property Group mall called Hamilton Town Center. With a square footage of almost one million, the Indianapolis shopping mall promises to be a great asset to the community and those around it and to greatly enhance Noblesville shopping.

No discussion of Noblesville business would be complete without a mention of the city’s historic Downtown Courthouse Square. All along the streets of downtown Noblesville, visitors and shoppers will find not only unique services and specialty shops, but a plethora of historic buildings, architectural treasures from a time when things were slower, a period which Noblesville still honors.