Noblesville Nightlife: Things to Do When the Sun Goes Down

Noblesville, Indiana is a growing, prosperous community located on the north side of Indiana state capital Indianapolis. The suburb is home to mostly affluent families with children, families that are concerned about having good Noblesville schools, Noblesville parks, and other assets for Noblesville children. As a result, the town is not exactly the home to the boisterous nightlife scene of towns like Shelbyville (home of Indiana Live Casino) and Indy. However, residents searching for Noblesville nightlife aren’t entirely out of luck; there are enough things to do in Noblesville once the sun goes down to keep almost anybody occupied.

The first places most people look when in search of nightlife are the local pubs. Noblesville bars shouldn’t disappoint on the nightlife front; there’s a bar for nearly every type of patron out there. Mo’s Irish Pub, located in the Hamilton Town Center shopping mall, is your typical Irish pub in the vein of Claddagh Irish Pub in downtown Indianapolis and Fionn MacCool’s in Fishers, Indiana. This Noblesville business features live music, a delicious food menu, and an expansive beer list that will have you trying something new all night long. Indianapolis bands like American Cheese, Lemon Wheel, and Through Being Cool often make stops at Mo’s Irish Pub, especially during weekends, so the venue provides some great opportunities to get out on the dance floor.

Video of Indianapolis band Lemon Wheel performing at Mo’s Irish Pub, a popular nightlife spot in Noblesville, Indiana

Syd's Bar exterior in downtown Noblesville, IndianaOther Noblesville bars that are worth a night out include the Barley Island Brewing Company, Syd’s Bar & Grill, The “Q” Sports Pub & Grub, and Wolfie’s Waterfront Grill. The Barley Island Brewing Company brews its own delicious beers on site, allowing for always cold, always interesting drafts to be brought right to your table, and Noblesville music can also be heard at Barley Island on weekends. Syd’s Bar & Grill is the number one karaoke bar in Noblesville, and a comprehensive menu means you can stay and sing with your friends until the wee hours of morning. The “Q” is located inside Cooper’s Stardust Bowl and features pool, darts, dancing, and, of course, bowling. Wolfie’s is the best bar in Noblesville for Noblesville sports; here, you can watch all your favorite Indiana college teams on the several big screen televisions dotting the bar.

Video of live music at Barley Island Brewing Company, a nightlife venue in Noblesville, Indiana

As far as Noblesville music is concerned, there’s only one venue for nightlife: the Verizon Wireless Music Center. This massive pavilion can hold 24,000 avid spectators, making a hotspot for music lovers around Central Indiana. Often, a concert at the Verizon Wireless Music Center can be just the Noblesville event that a wild evening on the town is built around. Acts from around the United States routinely make stops at the Verizon Wireless Music Center, including Radiohead, Phish, blink 182, and many Indianapolis bands. The Verizon Wireless Music Center can hold its own with big Indianapolis music venues like the Murat Centre, the Vogue, and Clowes Memorial Hall any day, making it a definite bonus for Noblesville nightlife.

Video of Radiohead performing “Karma Police” live at the Verizon Wireless Music Center in Noblesville, Indiana

Exterior of Dom Di Carlo's pizza in Noblesville, IndianaNoblesville restaurants are a staple of Noblesville nightlife; these eateries provide perfect spots to fuel up before a long night or relax and recount favorite parts of a crazy night on the town over a juicy cheeseburger. Noblesville restaurants range from eateries for children (Alexander’s on the Square) to upscale dining establishments (The Artists’ Vineyard), but connoisseurs of Noblesville nightlife are probably more likely to head to one of Noblesville’s more laid back businesses. Dick’s Bodacious BBQ is a chain that serves sloppy pulled pork sandwiches and a rowdy atmosphere, Dom di Carlo’s Pizzeria is the best pizza place in town, and Sushiyama can fill your sushi fix. Noblesville restaurants are an important component of Noblesville nightlife.

Of course, Noblesville nightlife benefits greatly from the suburb’s location. Situated right on the northern border of Indianapolis, residents of Noblesville can take advantage of the wild nightlife going on in downtown Indianapolis. Just a short drive away from each of the Indianapolis cultural districts, Noblesville is in prime position to enjoy Indianapolis nightlife. Indianapolis performing arts centers like the Phoenix Theater and the American Cabaret Theater‘s Connoisseur Room provide endless entertainment for Indianapolis arts lovers, while there are tons of Indianapolis bars that cater to night owls, like the Alley Cat Lounge, Rock Lobster, and Landsharks. Legendary nightlife spots like Broad Ripple Village and Mass Ave are also open to residents of Noblesville.

Video of crazy Indianapolis nightlife going on at The Vogue in downtown Indianapolis, near Noblesville, Indiana

So if you’re looking for a good time in Noblesville, there are plenty of places you could be. Noblesville bars provide endless entertainment of all sorts, from the live music at Mo’s Irish Pub to the edge of your seat Indianapolis sports action at Wolfie’s. The Verizon Wireless Music Center, one of the biggest Indiana music venues, is located in Noblesville, and the slew of Noblesville restaurants provide munching options for the denizens of Noblesville nightlife. Indianapolis, the shining jewel of Indiana nightlife, is only a short drive away, so even if you run out of options in Noblesville, the Circle City is always open. In Noblesville, Indiana, there are plenty of ways to paint the town red.