Noblesville Music: From Stadium-Sized Arenas to Basement Bars

Noblesville, Indiana, a prosperous suburb of Indiana state capital Indianapolis, is somewhat of a haven for music fans. Not only is it close enough to downtown Indianapolis for Noblesville music lovers to be able to experience the best in Indianapolis music every day, Noblesville has a vibrant music scene of its own. In any community that has a comfortable means of living, art and culture have a chance to thrive: Noblesville is no different. Noblesville arts are in league with other artistically minded towns in Central Indiana such as Carmel and Fishers, and Noblesville music is just part of this growing art scene.

Video of Noblesville High School Winter Percussion performing in Avon, Indiana

The foundation of any good music scene is a solid bedrock of good music venues. Even if your town has a host of talented, creative, and ambitious bands, they’re going nowhere without places to play. Luckily, Noblesville provides plenty of venues for all types of bands to strut their stuff, from the most popular stadium rock groups to the most avant-garde basement sensations. The satellite community is home to one of the most well-known Indianapolis music venues: the Verizon Wireless Music Center. With a capacity for over 24,000 screaming fans, the Verizon Wireless Music Center is the perfect spot for headlining bands from across the United States. It’s a popular summer music venue as well; the arena has 18,000 lawn seats for music under the sun.

Video of Radiohead performing live at the Verizon Wireless Music Center in Noblesville, Indiana

Other than the Verizon Wireless Music Center, Noblesville has many venues for smaller bands to play in: Noblesville bars. Noblesville bars range from the most dingy dive bars to the coolest music lounges, just like its big city neighbor, Indianapolis. Mo’s Irish Pub, located in Hamilton Town Center, a Noblesville shopping venue, is the biggest bar for Noblesville music. Indianapolis bands such as American Cheese, The Aberdeen Project, Lemon Wheel, and Through Being Cool routinely come through Mo’s Irish Pub.

Video of Lemon Wheel performing live at Mo’s Irish Pub in Noblesville, Indiana

There are several other good Noblesville bars for music. Barley Island Brewing Company is a popular Noblesville restaurant that brews its own delicious beer and offers live music almost every night of the week. Swamped with accolades from NUVO Newsweekly and Indianapolis Monthly, the Barley Island Brewing Company is a great hotspot for Noblesville music. An Noblesville sports bar, The Q Sports Pub & Grub, also showcases live music, and Syd’s Bar & Grill has the best karaoke in town for aspiring singers in Noblesville.

Video of live music at Barley Island Brewing Company in Noblesville, Indiana

Not just a private effort, the town government of Noblesville gets in on the music act as well. Several Noblesville events run through the Noblesville Parks and Recreation Department have Noblesville music as their centerpiece. Similar to Carmel’s Rock the District festival, Noblesville’s Street Dance is a massive music festival that takes place in downtown Noblesville. Two live music stages bookend a street lined with vendors, businesses, crafts, games, and more cool carnival activities. Jazz Squared is another Noblesville music event, featuring some great Indianapolis jazz artists like Cathy Morris, Bill Lancton, and Rob Dixon performing live on the courthouse square.

Another prominent entity in Noblesville music is the Noblesville Symphony Orchestra (NSO). A division of the Anderson Symphony Orchestra, the NSO is funded by the Noblesville Cultural Arts Commission, an entity that promotes and sponsors the arts in Noblesville. The Noblesville Symphony Orchestra calls Noblesville High School its home and features musicians from around Central Indiana. What began in 2007 as a single performance season has now evolved into a full-fledged musical season with Christmas performances, performances for Noblesville children, and more.

With such a thriving music community in this small town, there has to be some sort of industry to support it. This is true in Noblesville, just like anywhere else; Noblesville businesses promoting the music scene are plentiful. The Noblesville Music Center, located on Clover Road, offers lessons, P.A. rentals, sheet music, repairs, and more. All the major brands are sold at the Noblesville Music Center, and it’s a great place to outfit your band and get playing. With lessons from skilled instructors in piano, vocals, banjo, drums, violin, trumpet, and guitar, the Noblesville Music Center has everything you need to get started.

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And, of course, if the Noblesville music scene doesn’t quite do it for you, there’s always the bright lights and sounds of Indy, just a short drive away. Residents of Noblesville can take advantage of the musical offerings of each of the six Indianapolis cultural districts in just a short trip. The Circle City is home to several legendary music venues, including The Vogue, the Emerson Theater, the Murat Center, the Jazz Kitchen, and Birdy’s Bar & Grill. Tons of local Indianapolis bands provide a motley assortment of sounds, styles, and influences, from the no-holds barred thrash metal of Summon the Destroyer and the thumping break beats of Mudkids to the contemporary, intricate jazz compositions of Steve Allee and the baroque chamber pop of Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s. Indianapolis music can fill all the voids that Noblesville music may leave behind.

Video of The Black Keys performing at The Vogue Theater in Indianapolis, near Noblesville, Indiana

Noblesville, Indiana takes after the rich musical tradition of its big city neighbor, Indianapolis. It is home to several well-established and budding music venues, like the Verizon Wireless Music Center, Mo’s Irish Pub, and the Barley Island Brewing Company. The city of Noblesville also provides its own musical adventures, with thriving Noblesville events like Street Dance and Jazz Squared; the town also has its own orchestra along the lines of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, the Noblesville Symphony Orchestra. If you’re starting a new band, Noblesville has plenty of resources for you; pick up some instruments and learn to play them at the Noblesville Music Center, then cut a sweet demo at the Virtual Entertainment Recording Studio. As if that weren’t enough, the Indianapolis music scene is just a short trip away. With all these amenities so close by, Noblesville music fans sure have it easy.