Forest Park Golf Course: Nine Holes of Fun in Noblesville

Sign for Forest Park in Noblesville, IndianaOne of the biggest Noblesville attractions is Forest Park, a large green space on the outskirts of the Indianapolis suburb. Far from just a normal Noblesville park, Forest Park is a monument to history, the Indiana countryside, and plain old fun. It is the site of the Forest Park Aquatic Center, a wet and wild summer hotspot for Indianapolis children and Noblesville children, and the Indiana Transportation Museum, a train buff’s idea of heaven and the home of the Indiana State Fair Train. What could make this top Noblesville thing to do even more fun? Forest Park Golf Course completes the trifecta of tourism that is Noblesville’s Forest Park.

Promotional video for Forest Park Golf Course, an Indiana golf course in Noblesville, Indiana

Forest Park Golf Course is a fairly straightforward, professionally designed, historic golf course in Noblesville, Indiana. Built in 1927 for the small fee of $4,000, Forest Park Golf Course has stood the test of time and remains an extremely fun option among the many Indiana golf courses. When it was built, Forest Park Golf Course was the first public golf course in all of Hamilton County, paving the way for dozens more in later years. Volunteers from the town built the golf course with the help of a course designer from Chicago and professional designer Bill Diddle; Forest Park Golf Course was completely funded by donations. It’s a true example of something built by the people for the people.

The course design of Forest Park Golf Course is nothing revolutionary, but it does provide some challenging and fun play for veterans and amateurs alike. The course spans nine holes; players can play through once in a short time period, or choose to play the course twice for a full game of golf. There are two tees to choose from on the course. The red tees measure out to 2,614 yards (for nine holes), and the white tees total up to 3,004 yards. Most of the holes at Forest Park Golf Course are straight shots from the tee to the pin, though the first hole does have a slight bend. Bunkers encroach on many of the greens, but veteran golfers shouldn’t find the course to be too difficult. Beginners don’t have to worry about losing balls, either; Forest Park Golf Course has no water hazards.

Video of a golfer doing putting exercises at Forest Park Golf Course in Noblesville, Indiana

Forest Park Golf Course is all about providing a good deal to the people of Noblesville. After all, its roots are in the community; it only makes sense that the course would give back to the town that spawned it. The staff at Forest Park Golf Course offers free golf carts to everyone playing on Mondays, a pretty nice deal that you won’t find at too many other Indianapolis businesses. Players can rent clubs for a nominal fee of $5, and alcohol is allowed on the course, though it has to be purchased on site (sorry, folks, no stopping by just after a visit to a Noblesville bar). The course sells season packages at $1,250 for residents of Noblesville, and these passes are also good at Fox Prairie Golf Course.

Forest Park Golf Course solidifies Noblesville’s reputation for family fun and community involvement. Located in one of the main places to go in Noblesville, Forest Park, a game at Forest Park Golf Course can be a great way to bond with your Noblesville children, practice your swing, or simply enjoy the warm weather of an Indiana summer, spring, or fall. The nine holes at Forest Park Golf Course are neither frustratingly difficult or too easy, so you’ll always have a good time out on the links. While it might not be on par with some of the top golf courses in Indiana like Bear Chase Golf Club or Brickyard Crossing, Forest Park Golf Course can provide a casual, fun game of golf for you and your friends.

Forest Park Golf Course
701 Cicero Rd
Noblesville, IN 46060

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