Notable Noblesville Day Trips and Excursions

Noblesville, Indiana, the fast-growing, pleasant suburb just north of Indianapolis, is a travel destination point in its own right. Within the Noblesville borders, the attractions are many, and some, such as the Indiana Transportation Museum, are pretty spectacular. Memorable day trips and excursions from Noblesville are also within easy reach, however. Below you will find our suggestions to get you started down the road. Once you start, you may want to turn your day trips from Noblesville into some full-fledged vacations.

Of course, Noblesville Hoosiers are lucky, since they can easily plan a day around the many fine attractions in Indianapolis, as well as beautiful Carmel, Indiana and next door Fishers, all just a few miles southward. Check out our directories of 365 things to do in Indianapolis, things to do in Carmel and things to do in Fishers if you’d rather spend your day out on activities than on the road. For tons of other great ideas for greater Indianapolis day trips, see our handy collection of links at the bottom of this article.

Day Trips and Excursions from Noblesville, Indiana

Auburn, Indiana and Beyond

About 250 miles almost due north of town, traveling the convenient I-69, you will come across a little-known but worthwhile day trip from Noblesville called the Lost River, in Orangeville, Indiana, a system of above- and underground caverns formed by Ice Age glaciers. Just some 20 miles past Fort Wayne, in northern Indiana, Orangeville is only about a half hour east of Auburn, Indiana, in which resides another interesting travel destination point, the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum. Auburn also hosts the WWII Victory Museum and the Auburn Air Museum, which displays historic flying machines. On the way home, you might want to veer off the beaten track a little and visit the historic, mid-sized Midwest town of Muncie, Indiana, where you will find a cool Children’s Museum.

Crawfordsville, Indiana and Beyond

An interesting road trip due west of Noblesville might include stops in Lebanon and Crawfordsville, before veering north a bit to Lafayette, your final destination point. Lebanon, Indiana , AKA “The Friendly City,” is a pleasant midwestern town to roam around in. You might try to hit the Flower Barn Tour and Luncheon, or even visit the Lumiere du Corps resort spa. Then, a quick stop in Crawfordsville, at the junction of Highway 32 and Interstate 74, will provide a fun photo op at the local Montgomery County Rotary Jail, one of the first of its type. The pretty town of Lafayette, Indiana is almost due north of Crawfordsville on Highway 231. You’ll want to spend the bulk of your time visiting Columbian Park in Lafayette, especially its popular Zoo. Founded in 1908, the Columbian Park Zoo  is the second oldest in Indiana. The Park also offers a great playground with rides for the kids.

Richmond, Indiana and Beyond

Just about 100 miles southeast of Noblesville is the nice-sized ciy of Richmond, Indiana. This historic town with a Quaker heritage exudes an atmosphere of friendly prosperity, and is a charming place to visit. Chief among the attractions in this area is the Levi Coffin House, often referred to as the Underground Railroad’s Grand Central Station. This interesting national landmark is a must-see for Civil War history buffs and makes an educational and fun day trip from Noblesville for the whole family.

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