Play Zone at Recreation Unlimited Could Be Sanity-Saver

Boy climbing play wall #NoblesvilleIN — My nephew recently had his birthday party at Recreation Unlimited in Noblesville. Where was this place when my kids were little? Imagine, if you will, a playable showroom filled with awesome play sets, trampolines and basketball hoops. Now imagine that it’s 40 degrees and sleeting outside — no problem! The Play Zone at Recreation Unlimited is all indoors. With the start of cold-weather season upon us, this place will likely save the sanity of more than one parent and child with cabin fever.

Yes, this is a showroom designed to entice parents to buy the Cadillac version of the swingset or a springless trampoline, or a child-size playhouse.  But it’s also a destination for parents and their kids aged 8 and under. The kids will enjoy more than a dozen amazing play sets, three trampolines, two playhouses, and a basketball court with multiple hoops. Parents can pull up an Adirondack chair and keep an eye on the kiddos, although the toddler set will require more hands-on supervision and seem to be happy playing at the train tables.

There are two ways to enjoy the Play Zone. The first is “Pay & Play.”  Your admission fee (see below) gets you access to the Play Zone for however long Recreation Unlimited is open that day — however, no food or drink are permitted, so at some point, hunger may win out. Pass-outs (pay, play, leave for lunch, return) are not permitted.

Pay & Play prices are:

Monday – Friday, 9am to 8pm — $8 per child
Saturday, 10am to 8pm — $12 per child
Sunday, 12pm to 6pm — $12 per child
Holidays — $12 per child

Large play set and train tables

The second way to enjoy the Play Zone is to host a birthday party. Parties are scheduled every day of the week with prices ranging from $99 for two hours (weekdays) to $199 for two hours (weekends). Your party fee includes 15 guests ages 1-13 and use of one of two very spacious party rooms. You provide all the food, drink, paper products and supervision for the party.

It’s been my experience, having attended two birthday parties at Recreation Unlimited, that older guests (i.e., parents and grandparents) have plenty of fun too. Does anyone really outgrow playing on the swings? The basketball court and trampolines are also popular hangouts for the grown-ups at the party.

Recreation Unlimited also sells hot tubs and spas at this location. Unfortunately, there is no “Pay & Play” option for those.