Historic Downtown Noblesville in Photos

If you have never been to downtown Noblesville,Indiana, you are missing out on a serious history lesson. Many of the shops and restaurants in the heart of downtown have been around since the 1900s. You can even find commemorative plaques on the outside of the buildings with a short description of the location’s history. A quick walk down a few blocks, offers a restaurant created in 1932, the former Grand Hotel, and the Hamilton County Museum of History. Here are a few favorites from my own walk:

American Legion Canon: In addition to the antique canon, you will find a tribute to fallen soldiers of Hamilton County.
Historic Downtown Noblesville - American Legion Canon

Cumberland Road Bell: This bell was rescued from a historic Hamilton County Home. Originally built in 1857, the home was restored several times over the years until it was destroyed by fire in 1985.
Historic Downtown Noblesville - Cumberland Road Bell

Old Buildings, New Convenience: Between the historic buildings in downtown Noblesville, you will even find public restrooms and other modern conveniences.
Historic Downtown Noblesville - Public Restrooms

Upstairs Apartment: I love the whole idea of the days when proprietors lived above their shops.
Historic Downtown Noblesville - Upstairs Apartment

Victorian Home: This Victorian Home turned storefront is probably my favorite part of Hamilton County.
Historic Downtown Noblesville - Victorian Home as Storefront

Turn Back Time: The historic buildings that once held clock shops and book stores are now filled with antique stores, offices, and — go figure — a clock repair shop.
Historic Downtown Noblesville Clock

Railroad Relics: Okay, I changed my mind. This is my favorite part of downtown Noblesville. What was once a major route on the railroad system is now a major road through Noblesville, running right by the Hamilton County courthouse.
Historic Downtown Noblesville Railroad Street

Uptown Cafe: This building was a shoe store in 1883. By 1932, it had become the Uptown Cafe, and a restaurant still bears its name to this day.
Historic Downtown Noblesville Uptown Cafe