Red Robin Burgers and the Bottomless Fries

Red Robin Burgers in Hamilton Town CenterIndianapolis is home to so many great local restaurants, but if you’re out and about in a shopping area, chances are you’re looking at chain restaurant options. One of my favorites is Red Robin Burgers. There’s one at Clay Terrace in Carmel, Metropolis Mall in Plainfield, and Hamilton Town Center in Noblesville.

That’s where I found myself for lunch on Thursday. My friend was in the mood for a burger, and Red Robin has some of my favorites. There’s a traditional burger, barbecue burgers, bacon burgers, pineapple burgers, pizza burgers, and more. It’s kind of hard to choose, but a while ago, I stumbled on the Guacamole Burger and haven’t ordered anything else since.

Red Robin Guacamole BurgerIt is ah-mazing. Seriously. One bite, and I’m literally saying “Ahhh…” That’s partly because there aren’t a lot of places where I can get a thick, juicy burger on a gluten free bun. But it’s also because it has never occurred to me that guacamole belongs on a burger. But trust me on this one — it definitely does.

I destroyed my burger in minutes and not just because it was almost 2:00 before we had the chance to grab lunch. It’s just that good. The special seasoning they use on both the burgers and fries is so good, I buy it by the bottle to use at home. For only $3, we get a restaurant-sized bottle of seasoned salt for use on pretty much everything.

Red Robin Bottomless FriesIt goes on burgers and chicken, in vegetable dishes, and in the eggs my kids eat every morning. Never try to serve them scrambled eggs cooked without their Red Robin seasoning. And it goes especially well on French fries — frozen fries, homemade fries, and (naturally) Red Robin fries.

There’s something unique about their French fries, even beyond the seasoning. They serve bottomless fries. The container is literally open-ended, and the server will keep bringing refills for as long as you want. Deliciously seasoned steak fries come hot and fresh to your table over and over again, at no additional charge. It’s a pretty sweet deal, really.

Red Robin Hamilton Town InteriorIt keeps us coming back over and over — which makes the Red Royalty card pretty useful. For every 10 items you buy, you get one free with their loyalty program. This includes burgers, chicken, wraps, and salads. Although, why you would order anything other than burgers is truly beyond me.

I mean, it’s actually called Red Robin Gourmet Burgers & Spirits. Which, oddly enough, I’ve never tried. The only thing we’ve ever ordered from the bar at Red Robin is a Freckled Lemonade. If you want a fun, summer beverage, a tall lemonade with fresh strawberries is exactly what you need to wash down your burgers and fries.