Take Your Little Leaguer to the Batting Cages

Take Your Little Leaguer to the Noblesville Batting CagesWe are in the throes of softball and baseball season right now. I practically live at the Grand Park sports complex. When we do have a little free time, the kids mostly just want to work on their skills. We play catch in the backyard, run bases at the park, and practice batting.

We can pitch to them all day long, but when it comes time for games, youth pitching is a little more erratic and, let’s face it, a little faster than us. The solution is right next door in Noblesville, Indiana. Noblesville Golf & Batting Center is located on US 32 and features batting cages for slow and fastpitch softball, little league baseball, fastpitch baseball, and even major league speeds.

The automatic machines cost just $.50 each, with about 10 pitches per turn. A helmet is required, and they have several available onsite for free use. You can bring your own bat or use one of theirs at no additional cost. I usually have to grab something there, once I decide I’m going to join the kids and show them how it’s done.

With kids at different age levels, we can put them each in a different cage at the same time. But, it’s often better for their learning to make them take turns. We can watch each kid’s swing, provide tips, and make corrections between turns. Their hitting always improves after a visit to the batting cages.

We’re only a few weeks into the season, and they’re already begging to go every week. What kid doesn’t want to get a hit at every bat and have the chance to run bases? With regular, live-pitch batting practice, the kids have the opportunity to improve their skills and come away from each game with a story to tell.