The Belfry Theatre: Community Performance in Noblesville, Indiana

The Belfry Theatre is a community theater organization in Noblesville, Indiana that produces six shows per year, chosen from comedies, dramas and musicals. Both amateurs and professionals trip the light fantastic at this haven of Noblesville arts. This ensures quality and an environment of ongoing improvement.

The Hamilton County Theatre Guild manages the theater, augmenting their input with a paid part-time manager and secretary. The Belfry Theatre offers student scholarships for students at Noblesville schools with funds garnered from performance concessions.

Though the Belfry Theatre is small, it nevertheless draws audiences from all over Central Indiana, including Indianapolis. Part of its attraction is its intimate seating, comprised of eight rows, which allows the viewer to hear and see the shows with great clarity; this intimate setting allows the Belfry Theatre to stand its own against any Indianapolis theatre.

Its small size notwithstanding, the Belfry Theatre has been able to put on large musicals such as Brigadoon and Man of La Mancha with grand style and great success.

Volunteers are always in and out of the bustling theatre, donating time, money and skill. Past seasons have included such favorites as: Phantom of the Country Opera, Everybody Loves Opal, The Nerd, Born Yesterday, Something’s Afoot and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

Belfry Theatre
10690 Greenfield Ave
Noblesville, IN 46060