Noblesville Corporate Campus: Revolutionizing Noblesville Business

The Corporate Campus in Noblesville, Indiana is a city built with the future in mind, a future where everything residents require is located in the same place. This fascinating Noblesville business community, four years in the making, offers a diverse range of living spaces, commercial property and shops and services, all in one concentrated area.

The Corporate Campus has been labeled a “homogeneous whole-life community,” and with good reason. The sector is well orchestrated to provide a holistic approach to community living, where those who take advantage of it never have to leave and really never want to. Noblesville park spaces, industries, housing, office space and every modern convenience come together in a seamless fashion that offers real potential for a new way of thinking about living.

Noblesville, just 20 minutes outside of the great metropolis, Indianapolis, has been growing by leaps and bounds recently, as have many of the small towns around Indy. City planning has become a priority and drawing businesses to the city is top on that list.

Since 1990, Noblesville has had a 110% population increase. The city is the county seat of Hamilton County, now rated as the fastest growing county in Midwest America. The creation of the Noblesville Corporate Campus was meant to be a practical avenue for the accommodation of the exponential growth the city is now going through, and to accomplish it with real flair.