Hamilton County Art Center: Nurturing Art in Noblesville

The Hamilton County Art Center is an Indianapolis art gallery and gift shop located in Noblesville, Indiana, the county seat of Hamilton. Run by the Hamilton County Artists’ Association, the Center puts on exhibits in the gallery, runs the gift shop and organizes classes and Noblesville events.


The “Birdie Gallery” refers to its namesake, Roberta “Birdie” Bloomhorst, whose trust in her memory assures the continuation of the art center’s upkeep and supplies art scholarship programs for adults and Indianapolis children to Indianapolis art schools.

The Hamilton County Artists’ Association Gift Shop presents an ongoing collection of work by members of the Noblesville arts scene, as well as interesting keepsakes for art lovers.

Video of a photography exhibition sponsored by the Hamilton County Artists Association in Noblesville, Indiana


The Hamilton County Art Center is housed in an important piece of Noblesville history, constructed between 1873 and 1875 and opened as the First Colored Missionary Baptist Church. Out of this church came a memorable famous Noblesville person, Barney Stone, who was a preacher for 69 years.


The history of the Hamilton County Artists’ Association begins back in 1950, when nine Noblesville artists inaugurated a tradition of exhibiting their art in combined shows around Noblesville and neighboring Indianapolis. Today, this Indianapolis non-profit organization receives some of its funding from its shows, and the monies are used for art scholarships and other such endeavors.

Other funding has come in from the Noblesville Cultural Arts Commission and from grants such as the Legacy Fund and the Birdie fund. Noblesville businesses pitched in with support in the form of materials, money and labor.

Now the city of Noblesville has a community center for its art. Both will undoubtedly continue to nourish each other and prosper.

Hamilton County Art Center
195 S Fifth St
Noblesville, IN 46060