Beth Forst: Still Life in Noblesville, Indiana

Beth Forst, an artist working out of Noblesville, Indiana, is a floral and still life painter who also does sketches of Noblesville children.

Beth Forst works mostly in oil and watercolor. Along with her still life pieces, she has completed several large wall murals, the most challenging of which still decorates the walls of Matteo’s Ristorante Italiano, a Noblesville restaurant.

The member of the Noblesville arts scene continues her studies at night at the nearby Herron School of Art in Indianapolis. She is a member of “Group 6,” a collection of artists with different styles but similar interests. This group gets together on a regular basis to inspire one another.

Currently, the group is becoming known for their combined artwork, which is created in a unique way. From photographs divided into six pieces, each artist renders their own interpretation. The canvas they work on has zippers on the sides so that, when each section is done, they can be assembled into one long banner. The final piece is inevitably as interesting as it is diverse.

Beth Forst is currently a board member of the Indiana Plein Air Painters Association. She has exhibited at the Hoosier Salon, the T.C. Steele Paint Out and the Indiana State Fair.