Tucanos Brazilian Grill Opens in Hamilton Town Center

Tucanos Brazilian Grill Launch EventThere’s a new grill in town, and it’s like nothing Noblesville has ever seen. Last night, Tucanos Brazilian Grill rolled out the red carpet for a media event at Hamilton Town Center’s newest restaurant, and I am still full. Have you ever been to a Brazilian steakhouse before?

Churrasco-style dining is a Brazilian tradition of grilling with meats and vegetables cooked on skewers over an open flame then served directly at your table. It’s all about the meat. And more meat.

At Tucanos, meat servers come by your table throughout the meal with offerings like bacon-wrapped filets, pork loin, tender steak cooked to your satisfaction, and beef brisket (I flagged that guy down more than once!). There are also seafood offerings, but I did not even go there since I eat nothing from the sea.

Tucanos Brazilian Grill Meat ServersYou can enjoy your favorites over and over again — they don’t stop bringing meats until you say so — or try new things as much as you want. I attempted a chicken heart, then promptly spit it out again because I am classy like that. I also tried a spicy(ish) barbecue chicken that turned out to be a good choice.

If you need a little more than meat with your meal, there is a salad and hot food bar that features over 80 items. I started with a full salad, like a good girl, and went back for mashed potatoes to compliment my 3rd serving of brisket. They have several varieties of bread as well, but this gluten free girl couldn’t try any of it. I’m not sure I would have wanted to fill up on it, though.

You’ll definitely want to save plenty of room for all the entree options they will continue serving. There are also grilled vegetable options and grilled pineapple to die for. That was my dessert, though I hear the key lime pie they offered was amazing. None for me and my gluten free requirements, but it looks like there are additional dessert options on a regular basis, including crème brûlée which is my go-to restaurant dessert.
Tucanos Salad Festival
The best part is it is all included in one price — assorted breads, unlimited Salad Festival and the full Churassco selections for $22.95 or $15.95 at lunch, far lower than other Brazilian steakhouses in the Indianapolis area. Your real cost is going to be in time. My friends and I dined for nearly 2 hours, but it was a ton of fun. There was live music and salsa dancing.

The restaurant has a definite party atmosphere to it, and I cannot wait to go back again.