Noblesville Voted 4th Best Small City in U.S.

When it comes to places to live, bigger isn’t always better. For many Americans, things like noise, traffic and a high cost-of-living are reason enough to seek out life on a smaller scale; which begs the question, “If not here, then where?”

Try Noblesville, Indiana. This small city of roughly 55,000 was recently ranked the 4th best small city to move to according to a recent survey, which was released by a top real estate research blog [1] with 30 offices across the country.


Noblesville came in just behind Rowlett, Texas; Idaho Falls, Idaho; and Cedar Park, Texas.


Demographic and other data were collected from 100 cities across the U.S., each with a population below 60,000. These data were then analyzed against 6 criteria that included median cost of living, home price, median household income, unemployment rate, crime rate and homes for sale per capita.


The survey results found that Noblesville residents enjoy a median income of $66,936, or 27 percent above average. And that extra income goes further when you’re trying to buy a home in Noblesville, as the median home price of $186,300 is six percent below the national average. With an unemployment of just 6.4 percent, Noblesville is well below the national average of 7.3 percent [2].  And it is a much safer city, with a crime rate that measures 38 percent below the national average.


One nice thing about Noblesville is its location. It’s far enough from Indianapolis to afford a distinctly small-town quality of life, yet not so far away that locals can’t still do things like work, shop and dine in Indianapolis when they so choose. It’s the difference between living in a big city and enjoying a big city.


But even without Indianapolis there’s no shortage of things to do in Noblesville. The Hamilton-16 IMAX theatre, for example, is one of just a small handful of IMAX theatres in the Central Indiana area. The outdoor amphitheater, Klipsch Music Center, is a great place to attend concerts that feature some of the top acts in the world. And Noblesville is a home to scores of great restaurants, small shops and boutiques, many of which are within close walking distance from the city’s historic downtown area.


The city of Indianapolis is fortunate to be surrounded by so many good towns and cities. Noblesville is a prime example of what makes Central Indiana such an attractive place to live and work.



2. Bureau of Labor Statistics Data